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Price Prediction Algorithm

You no longer need to spend hours analyzing charts. Click on the coins you want to trade and find out their future price. The "first and only successful" service in the world.

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"Forecast with Us, Trust is a Must."

About CryptOn

Today, the number of people investing in cryptocurrencies worldwide has exceeded 600 million and continues to increase day by day.
Thanks to this service, you no longer need to analyse in front of the screen for hours and can learn the future price of the coin you want to trade by simply clicking on it.


This SaaS works together with 16 types of indicator outputs and deep neural networks architecture, the hyperparameters and all scaling multipliers belong entirely to CryptOn company.


Your free subscription for you to try will start within 1 day at the latest. Afterwards, if you are satisfied, you can purchase a monthly subscription.
When customers are not subscribed, they see the file named sample_service and get an idea about the operation of the service.
After subscribing, price predictions of all listed coins are made available to their membership.

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